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Auction conditions

1) The auction takes place in the own name and in the name of a third party and for the account of the client.

2) Antikma will commission Ebay Germany to execute the Internet auction. The internet auction is controlled by an officially appointed auctioneer or by a person appointed by him, on behalf of and for the account of the consignor.

3) All auction offers are used and can be viewed and checked before the auction. The auction items are auctioned in the condition in which they are, with no guarantee or liability for open and hidden defects, as well as write-ups. Later complaints of any kind cannot be considered. The catalog descriptions are made to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, they do not represent guaranteed properties within the meaning of § 459ff BGB.

4) The auction offers are offered for auction for 7 or 10 days at the Internet address www.ebay.de, each with a description and pictures. The auction items will be visible on our homepage before the auction.

5) The rate of increase for Internet bids is EUR 0.50 for bids up to EUR 50.00. In the case of higher bids, the rate of increase is EUR 1.00 or EUR 2.50. From bids of EUR 500, - the rate of increase is EUR 5, -. Bids on the Internet, directly on the corresponding Ebay position, are increased. The knockdown is awarded if, after the auction period (7-10 days), we have not received a higher bid or submitted it on Ebay. Bids below the limit price cannot be accepted.

6) All Internet bids are served "cheapest" regardless of their amount, i. H. only to outbid the last available bid with a maximum of the amount specified as the rate of increase. Example: We receive an Ebay bid for 500 euros and one for 800 euros for a position. If no other bids over 500 euros are received, the following invoice results for the hammer price. Pre-bid = 500 euros + rate of increase = 5 euros results in a hammer price of 505 euros. If there are several Internet bids for the same amount, the date on which the bid was received decides. Internet bids that have been entered by the customer directly on Ebay are also treated as gross bids. This means that the buyer's premium is already included in the final price for all bids placed on Ebay. Written orders for the use of the buy-it-now option must be received by us no later than the start of the ebay-auction. Otherwise these buy-it-now orders can no longer be considered. Our seller commission is already included in the price which was reached at the Ebay auction.

7) Antikma can combine, separate, offer out of sequence or withdraw catalog numbers. If a bid submitted in time (even in written form) has been overlooked by mistake, the auctioneer is authorized to take back the item and offer the item again. This also applies to all cases of doubt and complaints prior to the bid.

8) The bid obliges to take delivery and to pay immediately. The Ebay fees are paid by Antikma. Possession and risk pass directly to the purchaser - property only when payment has been received in full. Payment must be made within 10 days of receipt of the invoice. Check payments only count as payment after they have been irrevocably credited. Any bank charges, especially for international checks, are borne by the buyer.

9) Antikma rejects any liability or guarantees under new EC law for items sold.

10) If the purchase contract is not fulfilled, Antikma can auction again. In these cases, the buyer's rights from the earlier bid and claims to any additional proceeds expire. However, the previous bidder is liable for any failures and will not be admitted to a new bid.

11) If an item is not accepted during the auction, this item can be sold by Antikma at the after-sale price if this has been approved by the consignor. The after-sale price is usually well above the limit price and was set between Antikma and the consignor before the auction.

12) It is possible to purchase all items using the Buy-It-Now-option. A buy-it-now price agreed by the consignor and Antikma is also specified. This price already includes the sales commission of 21%. The article can be bought directly on Ebay up to the time of authorization.

13) The above conditions also apply mutatis mutandis to the sale of auction goods after the auction. Should one of the conditions, also due to different Ebay terms and conditions, be wholly or partially ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected.

14) Notes on data processing: The object of activity of Antikma Auctions is the preparation and implementation of auctions via the eBay auction platform. This also includes the option of direct sales and the implementation of all related services. In this context, we process the data required for the conclusion, implementation or termination of a contract with you. Which includes:
Company, first name, last name
Billing and delivery address
E-mail address, if applicable
Billing and payment data
Telephone number, if applicable
The legal basis for this is Article 6 Paragraph 1 Letter b) DSGVO that means - You provide us with the data on the basis of the contractual relationship between you and us. If we do not use your contact details for advertising purposes (see below), we will save the data collected for the execution of the contract until the statutory or possible contractual warranty and guarantee rights have expired. After this period has expired, we keep the information of the contractual relationship required under commercial and tax law for the periods specified by law. For this period (usually ten years from the conclusion of the contract), the data will only be processed again in the event of a review by the tax authorities.
The following information relates to the processing of personal data for advertising purposes. The DSGVO declares such data processing on the basis of Article 6 Paragraph 1 Letter f) as fundamentally conceivable and as a legitimate interest. The duration of data storage for advertising purposes does not follow any rigid principles and is based on the question of whether storage is necessary for advertising purposes.
If you have concluded a contract with us, we will manage you as an existing customer. In this case, we process your postal contact details and your email address, outside of the existence of specific consent, in order to send you information about new events and services in this way.

15) If a reimbursement of the purchase price has been approved within the scope of a buyer protection inquiry via "PayPal" or a reimbursement of the amounts paid has been agreed within the framework of the objection regulation, we insist on returning the auctioned item. Our retention of title then applies again, as the goods are returned to the status unpaid at this point in time. If the buyer refuses to return the goods, we reserve the right to take legal action.

16) The place of jurisdiction is Kaiserslautern.