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Auction conditions

1) The auction will be in own and foreign name and on account of the deliverer.

2) Antikma will charge Ebay international or Ebay Germany to let the auction run at there auction platform. The internet-auction will be controlled from a permitted auctioneer or though one from the auctioneer decided person, in the name and for bill of the owner or deliverer.

3) Every auction-offer is used. It is possible to inspect and proof each offer before the auction. The auction goods will be sold in the condition they are, without any guarantee or responsibility for visible and hidden defects. All later claims can not be considered. The object-descriptions are worked out seriously, but they are no guaranteed attributes in the sense of the ß 459 and following BGB. A return of any sold position is not possible.

4) The auction-goods will be 7 or 10 days offered at the internet-auction-platforms www.ebay.com or www.ebay.de. The objects are visible with descriptions and pictures.

5) The bids at Ebay Germany are increased in steps of Euro 0,50 for bids below Euro 50,--. If they are higher bids until Euro 500,-- the bidding-step is Euro 2,50. Bids for Euro 500,-- and above are increased in steps of Euro 5,--. If the auction will be run at Ebay international, its possible that the auction currency is US$. In this case the following bidding-steps are valid. For bids until US$ 25,-- the bidding-step is US$ 0,50, until US$ 100,00 the bidding-step is US$ 1, until US$ 250,-- the bidding-step is US$ 2,50, until 500 US$ its US$ 5,--, until US$ 1000,-- its US$ 10,--. Higher bids have bidding steps in the high of US$ 25,--. Bidding is possible through bids at the internet, direct to the wished Ebay-auction-position. Only prerequisite is to sign in at Ebay before bidding. Its also possible to send your written bidding-orders by mail or fax direct to us. For written bids please use our bidding-order-from. The bidding-order will be handled through a increase of the limit-price. The knocking down is valid, if the auction-time (10 days), no higher bid has been done in the internet-auction at Ebay. Bids below the limit-prices we could not accept.

6) If the auction is running at Ebay international, its possible that we choose as auction-currency US$. If we receive written bids or bids by fax in Euro for this objects, we will convert this bid to the course of bidding-input at Ebay in US$. The payment for all objects, equal which auction-currency was choose, could be done in US$ or Euro.

7) Internet bids will be served as cheap as possible. That means that the last bid can only be over-bidden by a bid which ishigher than the bidding-steps. For example: There is a internet bid for Euro 500,-- and a higher internet bid for Euro 800,--. The higher bid (800,--) will get the knocking down for Euro 500,-- + Euro 5,--= Euro 505,--, if they are no other bids above Euro 500,--. If they are more bids with the same price, so the date of order decides. Written bids or bids by fax have to receive at the latest before the auction at ebay starts. At else its not possible to handle this bids. Please notice, that every bidding order in written form, will be handled as a gross-bid. This means, that the premium (21 %) is included to this gross-bid. In this premium the tax by law is include. The written bids will be handled at Ebay through the option to increase the limit-price. Every internet-bid at Ebay will be handled as a gross-bid. That means, that every bid which is placed at Ebay, the premium is include.

8) Antikma has the possibility to unite, share, offer out of the range of order or to draw back auction-positions. If we have received a written bid in time. and we have not noticed it, Antikma has the right to draw the auction position back and offer the object in a new auction. This is also valid for every borderline case, before or after the knocking down.

9) The knocking down is binding. The goods must be paid immediately. In this premium the tax by law is include. The knocking down transfers the risk of possible looses, damages, mistakes to the purchaser. Ebay-duties will be payed by Antikma.If you would like to givea written order, the payment has to be settled within 10 days after the invoice date. Payment by check is valid, as soon as the payment is complete on our account. Bank duties, especially for foreign checks has to pay the buyer.

10) Antikma gives no liability for the sold goods. Also Antikma donít give a guarantee about EG-right for used goods.

11) If the sales contract is not realized, the auctioneer has the right either to demand compensation or to auction again on account of the purchaser. In this case the buyer will loose the rights of the knocking down and also the rights of a higher knocking down-price in the next auction. The buyer is liable for lower knocking down-prices and costs and has no more rights for another bid.

12)If an auction-position received no bids during the auction, its possible to buy this object to the after-selling-price, if after-selling is authorized by the deliverer. This after-selling-price is regular higher than the limit-price and fixed between Antikma and the deliverer.

13) Individual articles are marked with an immediately-buy-option.On this occasion, an immediately-purchase-price voted by the deliverer and Antikma is declared additionally.In this price the sales-premium in high of 21 % and tax by law are included.This articles can be bought directly, until the time the article is placed at Ebay or a bid is placed for this position at Ebay.

14) This conditions are valid sense also for the after-auction-selling. If one of the conditions should be completely or partly not valid, also on the basis of differently Ebay-Global-Business-Conditions, so the effect of the other conditions is not restricted.

15) The auction conditions are based on the German law. Legal venue is Kaiserslautern.