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Actual information from 4.11.2021

Dear Sir or Madam,

My next auction "Historical Office Machines" is now before. The auction will pürobably run from 23.11.2021
until the end of February 2022 on eBay Germany or hood.de and in the next days on my homepage.

As usual, each article is provided with an immediately purchase price to which the items can be purchased before the auction at the auction-plattform ebay or hood starts.
At a maximum of 12 items per week are offered, with an auction runtime of 7 days. For the first time I will offer some articles at the
auction platform www.hood.de. There I am, as also on eBay, registered under the seller name "Antikma".

If you want to use the immediate purchase option for individual pieces, you can easily download the bidding form from my homepage
Loading and signed by mail or sending an email. Of course you can also send us your buying requests by email.

I would like to point out again, that I only grant the immediately purchase option before the pieces on eBay or hood are offered for auction,
or so far no bids have been delivered to the article on the auction platform. Pieces sold by the immediately purchase are then
logically, no longer offered on the auction platforms.

The top pieces from the area calculating machines are:

Thales Geo, Naumann 1, Ideal Adder, Hamann Delta and Selecta

Top pieces at the typewriters are:

Daugherty, Merritt, Blickensderfer Odoma, Mercedes 2 and 8, rare bing variants.

For any inquiries, I'm willing to help.

best regards

Rainer Rzepka