A n t i k m a Auktionen - Rainer Rzepka, Friedhofstr. 3, D - 67722 Winnweiler

Special notice

1) Written requests for the immediate purchase, we accept as long to, until the appropriate piece has not yet been set on Ebay, or its offered at Ebay hav not received a bid. That is why we encourage you to submit your order for immediate purchase before the setting at eBay.

2) If several items are bought by the same bidder, they can be shipped to the buyer's request, together in the same package. Especially with heavy objects we reserve a veto right in order to avoid damage during transport. Extra heavy or bulky items, as well as foreign and overseas deliveries are invoiced according to the price of Deutsche Post. The costs (if any pickup is desired) will be billed with the invoicing of auction goods.

3) The declared production years inform about the first year of appearance of the model. If this is not known we declare the year of establishment of the brand.

4) The technical and optical condition descriptions range from very good on good, satisfactory, enough, poor to very poor. Despite the greatest of care in the catalog creation, no guarantee can be given for this information.

5) A sale after the auction is only possible, if this is allowed by the deliverer. The prices for the after-auction-sell are fixed between the deliverer and Antikma. This prices are usually higher than the limit-prices.

6) For bidding in the internet at Ebay you have to be registered at Ebay international or Ebay Germany or other national Ebay domains. Its only one registration necessary at one of this domains to place bids at Ebay. If you want an overall view for every offered auction objects from Antikma, you have to choose “Search for Seller” or “Suchen  nach Verkäufer”. Than please type the seller-name “Antikma”. You will see in the space of time, the auction runs (normal 10 days) every auction offer from us, with the actual bidding prices.

7) In every item on offer a immediately-purchase-option is given. For this item in addition a fixed price for buy-it-now is specified.